Visual acuity can be defined as the sharpness of an individual’s vision. It is determined by the ability to make out letters and numerical figures on an eye chart that has been standardized from a certain distance of view. Eye vision is a term that includes skills and abilities that pertain to seeing. These skills and abilities include colour vision, the perception of depth, sensitivity when it comes to contrast, speed it takes to focus and accuracy of seeing.
There are steps an individual can take to improve their eye vision. These include:


Eating meals that are rich in nutrients that the eyes require to enable them to function at an optimumxccdcdcdcvdlevel will consequently improve visual acuity. Foods rich in minerals such as zinc and copper and vitamin A, vitamin E and vitamin C are highly recommended. Green and yellow vegetables including egg yolks, sweet potatoes, carrots, pumpkin, and peppers provide the eyes with antioxidants that assist in deterring macular generation that is brought on by age. To assist prevent the formation of cataracts, foods such as onions and garlic which are rich in sulfur and lecithin are important. Coldwater fish also have a role to play in the improvement of eye vision because they contain a fatty acid referred to as DHA that offers support in the form of structure to the cell membranes of the eye.


An individual should get enough sleep because this ensures the eyes can rest fully, to repair the cells that require regeneration and for the needed recovery process to be completed. A solid eight hours is very important. If an individual is using a computer to work or is reading over long periods of time, it is important for them to rest the eyes ten minutes in every fifty minutes. Placing slices of cucumber on top of the eyelids may also that will help with the fatigue.


gdcvhdvcdEye vision should primarily be maintained at an optimum level. There are exercises that are designed specifically to improve eye vision, and they are recommended for right before going to bed at night, just after waking up in the morning and for times when the eyes feel tired. The individual should ensure they wash their hands before they start performing the exercises. This ensures no irritation is caused to the eyes. The exercise includes: rolling the eyes in a circular motion clockwise ten times and repeating the reverse and massaging the individual’s temples, their forehead, and the area right below the eyes.…